Adding Custom tooltips in Maximo

As we all know Maximo versions lower than 7.5 does not have built in Mouse hover functionality built in it. It can also be used with Maximo 7.5 and above also.

It was a requirement from one of the clients, they wanted to have mouse hover tool tips for certain fields in their application.

The final shape should be something like this:


It requires playing with some css files.

This is how I did it.

1.  Open Application Designer (System Configuration – Platform Configuration -> Application Designer)

Search and open the application for which you want tool tips to show.

I am using Assets app for an example.

2. In this example, I will show how to show tool tips for the Asset and Status field in the assets.


Export the application definition using the button shown below.


It will show the xml definition of the app. Save it some where and do make a backup of that xml just in case.

Now open the xml and search for the following.

<multiparttextbox dataattribute=”assetnum descdataattribute=”description id=”main_grid8_1/>
<textbox dataattribute=”status id=”main_grid8_4/>

Find and Assetnum definition in it and add the labelcss = “tooltip assetnum” to it and for Status definition add labelcss=”tooltip status”. The part should now be like below.

<multiparttextbox dataattribute=”assetnum descdataattribute=”description id=”main_grid8_1 labelcss=”tooltip assetnum/>
<textbox dataattribute=”status id=”main_grid8_4 labelcss=”tooltip status/>


Basically we have added these two properties

labelcss=”tooltip assetnum” and labelcss=”tooltip status

Save the xml. Now click the import application definition button. It is adjacent the export button.

3. Now we have to fiddle with the CSS files. First, we will have to find the maximo CSS files in our MXServer.

We will be editing maximo_ex.css.

For my environment its located in.

If you use the Tivoli09 skin the maximo .css  then use tivoli09/css instead of tivoli13/css

or Just search maximo_ex.css file in your server. Make a backup of it and start editing it.

In this case you will be editing the live css in the re built it will  be overwritten. You should update the css in SMP folder as well to persist the changes in next deployment.

Add this line on top of it.

@import url("asset.css");

4. Now create a new file name it asset.css. Paste the below code in it.

.tooltip {
position: relative;
.tooltip::before {
content: &amp;quot;\2003&amp;quot; attr(class);
white-space: pre-wrap;
bottom: 50%;
display: inline-block;
position: absolute;
color: #000000;
background: #FFFF40;
padding: 5px;
opacity: 0;
transition: 0.3s;
overflow: hidden;
border-radius: 2px;
box-shadow: 0px 0px 3px #576E7D;
pointer-events: none;
margin: 5;
max-width: 100%;
.tooltip:hover::before {
opacity: 1;
bottom: 100%;
.assetnum.tooltip::before {
content: &amp;quot;The Asset num etc . Some other Text:&nbsp; \A \A E.g \A ABC \A XYZ&amp;quot;;

.status.tooltip::before {
content: &amp;quot;The Status reflects status of the item. Some other text to display etc .&amp;quot;

The highlighted lines are of interest here.

The classes in xml definition are linked to their definition in this css file. e.g. status we added in xml (labelcss=”tooltip status”). The text we write under status’s content will be shown as tooltip. Write whatever you want the tool tip to display in content. To add a line break add \A.

Copy this asset.css file to the same folder as maximo_ex.css

5. Delete your browser’s cache and re open Maximo. In Assets App open a record and Switch to Asset’s tab. Hover the mouse over Asset field it will display the tool tip. Similarly, hover the mouse over the Status field and another tool tip will be shown.

I hope this was helpful.


2 thoughts on “Adding Custom tooltips in Maximo

  1. Hi Thank you for your article! I’m hoping you can give me a little help. The before and after example for the xml looks the same to me. Can you show me what the final xml should like like for Find and Assetnum definition in it and add the labelcss = “tooltip assetnum” to it and for Status definition add labelcss=”tooltip status”.
    Thank you so much!


    1. Hi, Please check now., I have updated the article.


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